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APL computers are working for all sizes of companies, and it has a proven track record in the installation of the structural network and the design & specification of computer hardware systems. Our team is skilled to communicate with clients at all levels and is well versed in providing on-time and on-budget solutions to meet and exceed clients' expectations.

APL Computer Business Portfolio
The passionate service solution company provides versatile solutions in Different verticals.
Experience & Expertise – That is what our team is meant for!
Satisfied Customers and great services – That is what our team focuses on!
To remain the bold choice in the industry and achieve products and solutions with stress on timely delivery and prompt after-sale services. In precis, our key objective is to personify IT and support customers with state-of-the-art technology within their budget.
Client Satisfaction is our motto and all our efforts are channelized to offer our esteemed clients with the best returns on their IT and service investments, therefore ensuring a harmonious relationship.

APL COMPUTERS, the passionate service provider offers Server, Desktop, Laptop, Data Recovery and  Networking Sales/Service solutions since the year 2008. As the outcome of experience, APL could provide solutions with precise understanding of service level and also as per the customer’s requirements as well. This, in turn, help the company, to achieve a unique identity in the market of the IT hardware Industry, as a professional service provider.

The Service Specialty

APL Computers Offers solutions for all brands , such as Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer Etc, and APL Computers has the best of test and equipment facilities to support even the most critical solutions with such ease. Innovative research and non-compromised solutions help us to stay ahead of the competition in the service industry.

The visible proof is that of “ APL Computers’s unique identity in the Technical Support industry. The trust of more than 1000+ clients and the growing customer database, and their referrals.

The Sale Specialty

APL Computers is an sales partner of "Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP Asus, Acer" offers wide range of Desktop, Server & laptops at competitive prices with well-experienced support.

We import laptop accessories from reliable global sources, provides cutting edge technology and price solutions even for the most critical spare requirements.  This provides, immense confidence for our customers to have a continuous relationship with us.

APL Advantage

With the last 14 years of experience, high-quality diagnostic test tools, rework equipment’s, world-class anti-static environment provides an edge for us to support our customers with confidence.

In the years of experience, we had come across several technical and product outsourcing requirements. Passion helps us to work and meet most of the requirements successfully.

"Efficiency within a company's IT infrastructure will increase profits. That may sound a bold statement, but we genuinely believe that accurate management information provided by an IT both modern and flexible system can really make the difference between a successful organization. Our challenge is to meet your demanding IT requirements and assist you in making the decisions to take your business IT to the next level of productivity."


Years of experience in the IT Hardware service industry, Good systems and methodology in place, well trained technical people with sound knowledge, good customer care team with a serving attitude, represent the primary factors why APL Computers is dependable .

The Service Specialty
The Sale Specialty
APL Advantage
Our few Clients
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- EST.  2008 -

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