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We can recover 95% data of any brand of world. we can recover SSD, HDD, pen drive, DVR etc.

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HDD Data Recovery

A hard Winchester drive (sometimes abbreviated as Winchester drive, HD or HDD) could be a non-volatile memory hardware device for good stores and retrieves knowledge on a laptop. a tough drive could be an external storage device that consists of 1 or a lot of platters to that knowledge is written employing an electromagnet, all inside AN air-sealed casing. Internal arduous disks reside in a very drive bay, connect with the motherboard exploitation AN ATA, SCSI, or SATA cable and area unit battery-powered by an association to the PSU (power offers the unit). All computers have a tough drive put in in them, which is employed to store files for the package, software package programs, and a user’s personal files. A laptop cannot operate while not a tough drive put in, because it needs one to operate properly.

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SSD Data Recovery

SSD Drive stands for Solid State Drive. It is introduced in 1991 by SanDisk. SSD is Primary Storage. It is a non-volatile memory which means it contains data after power off. Unlike HDD, SSD does not keep any kind of moving part, so it can access data fast as compared to HDD. It can use on both desktops and computers.

Benefits of SSD

Access Time: - As compared to HDD, SSD is 100 times faster than HDD. SSD can Access data 35 to 100 microseconds which external faster than HDD. Faster storage devices mean we can run our software very quickly as compare to other.

Power Efficient: - from the sight of power consumption SSD can work on very less power. Due to this it produces less heat as compared to HDD.

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Pendrive Data Recovery

As we know that in the market there are lots of pen drive or USB flash drives are available just like SanDisk, Sony, Kingston, etc. these drives are used for data storage. And the pen drive or USB flash drive is a portable data storage device. USB Flash drive is the secondary storage device it uses USB port that is available easily everywhere so any student, teacher, professional, etc. people can carry and go anywhere one place to another place.

Benefits Of Pen Drive

  • Portable: - After the invention of the computer, there is a need to keep data along. So we invent floppy, Cd, DVD, etc. storage device but all are not portable that carry less data with respect to the size of the device. So here is Pen drive is the best option to keep data. It contains more data with respect to the size.

  • Memory Space: - Pen drive or USB flash Drive Serve us maximum size to keep data in portable size it contains more data. As compare to floppy, Cd and DVD.

  • 3. Transfer speed: - As we know that Pen drive comes in the form of solid-state so the speed of data is very well as comparing to other secondary storage devices

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Server Data Recovery

The server area unit won’t to manage network resources. For instance, a user might establish a server to regulate access to a network, send/receive an e-mail, manage print jobs, or host a web site. They’re conjointly adept at activity intense calculations. Some servers area units committed to a particular task, typically noted as dedicated. However, several servers nowadays area unit shared servers that might strike against the responsibility of e-mail, DNS, FTP, and even multiple websites within the case of an internet server. 

Benefits of Servers

The Server allow employees to share resources and instrumentality like net access, printers, and fax machines. A Server permits you to supply high-speed net access across a network. A Server provides additional process power to you. It ‘supercharges’ your network, storing massive chunks of knowledge, liberating up memory and sanctionative individual PCs to perform higher.

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Encrypted Data Recovery

An Encrypting classification system (EFS) may be the practicality of the New Technology classification system (NTFS) found on varied versions of Microsoft Windows. EFS facilitates clear secret writing and secret writing of files by creating the use of complicated, commonplace science algorithms. The science algorithms are utilized in EFS to produce helpful security countermeasures, whereby solely the supposed recipient will decipher the cryptography. EFS uses interchangeable and uneven keys throughout the secret writing method, however, it doesn’t shield knowledge transmissions. Rather, it protects knowledge files among systems. Although somebody has access to an exact laptop, whether or not licensed or not, he still cannot unlock the EFS cryptography while not the key.

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