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Our Tech's are well qualified in Laptop Chip Level.

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Our motive is to Provide Quality Service.

Nothing is more frustrating than something not working when you need it most. Laptops always seem to break down and need repair at the worst times.

APL Computers is the one stop solution for all your laptop services. Whatever the problem may be inside your laptop, we are well experienced to repair it. We have instant solutions to all laptop problems.

Our qualified team of expert engineers who come to rescue and provide instant solutions for hardware & software issues. Also our expert engineers take care of all OS related issues and prevent your system from malwares and virus attacks. Just reach out to us and we will take care of the rest.

Our team is experienced in solving issues of any brand of Laptop/ computer like Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Charger Replacement, Software Installation, Virus Removal, and Data Recovery etc.

Laptop Service in Mogappair at apl compu
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Laptop - HDD
Laptop Motherboard
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Laptop Charger
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Laptop - RAM
Cooler Fan
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Laptop Hings
Laptop - Keyboard
Laptop Processors
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Laptop DC-Input
Laptop - Top Panel
Internal Speakers
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Laptop Bottom Pannel
LED, LCD Screen
Power Botton
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Laptop Disply Cable
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Laptop Batteries
Laptop Touch Panel
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HDD Connector
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Those who have an existing Laptop and are looking to enhance its performance, ability or features must consider upgrading components before shelling out huge cost for an entirely new system. The demand of upgrading is that it lets you improve your Laptop for much minimum cost.

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Is your device running slow, glitch, or something doesn’t seem right? It happens to the best of us. If you realize your device has a virus or seems to be off, schedule an appointment to receive priority care today! With our latest virus scan & removal software & other advanced PC cleaning systems, we guarantee customer satisfaction. From old to new, in the blink of an eye, just for you!

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Our technicians are well skilled to handle a wide variety of software installations software. We upgrade Operating System (OS), software Services also specializes in installing whole software system packages

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We recover data from Physical damage, Water damage, Encrypted file, Viruses, Malware & Ransomware,  Formatted drive, Deleted &  Corrupted files

Quick Service Support
  • Laptop Overheating
    Laptop/ Computer failure will put your business at a standstill. Almost every employee conducts all their business at a computer work station. Losing access to your Laptop/ Computer for even an hour can lead to a huge loss in daily sales and revenue. Some of the signs of system failure include: Considerable delay in booting-up or slow access to files Strange noises, fans running longer and louder than normal Data disappears or becomes corrupt HEAT causes hard drives to overheat Blocked Air Flow Malfunctioning Fans Dust
  • Laptop Battery Dying Quickly
    Laptop battery maintenance is very necessary to keep your laptop’s performance at its optimum. The better you maintain your battery, the longer its life would be. After some time and regular use, the lithium-ion batteries can lose the ability to hold a charge. Some batteries will only last for a fraction of the rated runtime. In this case, battery replacement is essential. However, the majority of brands charge a lot for new batteries, so you need to get in touch with seasoned computer repair experts as they’ll provide you with new batteries much cheaper. Check out our Laptop repair services in Chennai for getting a quick repair/replacement for your laptop batteries!
  • Laptop Keyboard is not working and some keys also not working
    Keyboards tend to get bad due to prolonged use or if you spill any hot drink or water. The keys can also become dislodged or worn out. To take care of this, many laptop makers provide online guides for replacing keyboards on their customer support pages. You can simply search for “keyboard replacement” online and get several guides for a keyboard replacement.
  • Laptop Crash
    Most people panic when their computers do not boot up. However, many times the problem and its solution are very simple. You can determine the problem by removing your hard drive using the instructions from the manufacturer and keep the drive into a USB enclosure- these are external housings for internal hardware. Thereafter, connect the enclosure’s USB cable to an open USB port on a working PC. If the file system is working regularly, then the hard drive can show up as an external drive and allow you to transfer data to and from the drive.
  • Viruses or Malware
    Nothing can cripple the performance of your laptop more than viruses or malware. The best way to prevent viruses from entering your laptop is to have an antivirus software installed. In case you do not want to spend money on antivirus software, you can use some free tools like ‘Ad-Aware’ and ‘Spybot: Search and Destroy’ as a defense from the viruses and malware. These are a few easy steps which we’re sure will help you in fixing the common laptop issues! You can either do all this by yourself, or let the professionals do the job and fix your laptop for you- explore what APL Computers Services has to offer!
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