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How to Quickly open your regular application using RUN CMD
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Quickly open your application using RUN CMD | REGULAR APPLICATION ஐ உடனடியாக OPEN செய்ய எளிய வழி

How to Quickly Open your application using RUN CMD

Fast Mindset People always searching Fast ways and better ways. Use this Run CMD For your comfort.


MSWord – winword
MSExcel – excel
Powerpoint – powerpnt
Google Chrome – chrome
Adobe reader – acrord32      or   (acrord64)
Mozilla Firefox - firefox
Paint - mspaint 
Calculator  -  calc 
Notepad  - notepad 
Remote desktop - mstsc 
On-Screen Keyboard - osk 
WordPad - write 
Disk Cleanup - cleanmgr 
Windows Explorer - explorer 
Add/Remove Program - appwiz.cpl 
Character Map -  charmap 
Check Disk - chkdsk 
component services - dcomcnfg 
console - mmc 
Control Panel - control 
Date and Time - timedate.cpl 
Device Manager - devmgmt.msc 
DirectX Diagnostic Tool - dxdiag 
Disk Management - diskmgmt.msc 
Display Properties - desk.cpl 
Firewall -  firewall.cpl 
Hostname - hostname 
Internet Properties - inetcpl.cpl 
IP Address - ipconfig 
Local Group Policy -  gpedit.msc 
Local User & Groups - lusrmgr.msc 
Log Off - logoff 
Mouse Properties - control mouse 
Network Connections - control netconnections 
Performance Monitor - perfmon.msc 
Power Options - powercfg.cpl 
Registry - regedit 
Share Folder - fsmgmt.msc 
Shutdown - shutdown 
Sound Recorder - sndrec32 
Sounds & Audio - mmsys.cpl 
System Configuration - msconfig 
System Information - msinfo32 
Task Manager - taskmgr 
Tasks Scheduled - control schedtasks 
Windows Version - winver 

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